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R & D Center

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The introduction of talents and the cooperation of industry and university research


Post-Doctoral Research Center workstation is in charge of introduction and train of talents。

It set up cooperation relationship with Post-Doctoral research firm and introducing high-tech talent for technical innovation。 It offers Middle level technical personnel for corporation development by  setup Industry and university research cooperation base。 It organize exchange meeting for technology and talent and  training meeting by inviting external expert。


Guangdong green power supply and related materials research center (Institute) is the platform of Industry and university research cooperation. Our corporation carry out wide cooperation with domestic key university and local colleges. Including  Tianjin University,ZhongNan University, Xiamen University, Institutes Of Technology Of South China, Guangdong University of Technology, Dongguan College of technology etc. Research area covers basic field of company main business.


Guangdong provincial engineering technology research and Development Center carry out work by Independent research or cooperating with customers。 It research and develop

Battery pack control technology. Including Intelligent control circuit board and its control software, Intelligent battery charger, advanced Single cell performance matching technology, different customized intelligent battery pack by integration above technology. 

R&D Test Lab


R&D Test Facilities

Battery Charger Tester IBCE-86

Battery Tester IDCE-4830CT

Battery Tester

Withstand Voltage Teste

Safety Test Center


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